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Decoding the Root Cause of Illness

In his book, “Lack of Sufficient SLEEP MATTERS,” Dr. Roger W. Washington explores the role of insufficient sleep as a root cause of a wide variety of illness. Dr. Washington explains how he determined that lack of sufficient sleep may be the single most common cause of people getting sick.

Restoring Balance to Life

By restoring our natural relationship to sleep, we can prevent Illness. It starts with understanding our role in this root cause of illness. Dr. Washington discusses how we can regain power over our own health, wellbeing and ability to prevent illness.

A.C.C.E.L.E.R.A.T.E.D.: High Risk Traits of Alpha Males and Females

Are you active, confident, creative and clever; do you feel like you sometimes have extra energy, or like you can get by with less sleep? Are you entrepreneurial, risk-taking, articulate, “Titanic” (feel able to carry on despite hardship), enthusiastic/empathetic and determined? Dr. Washington explains how these characteristics can indicate risks for illness and early death, with examples from his Silicon Valley practice.

Stop Compromising Your Health

Dr. Washington explains the science behind why lack of sufficient sleep harms the immune system and makes us vulnerable to a wide range of illnesses and diseases, including migraines, IBS, cancer, and even early death.

CRASHED: What Goes Up Must Come Down

Do you experience phases where you feel cranky, irritable, angry and anxious? Dr. Washington explains why we sometimes feel low-energy, lethargic and negative, especially after periods of exuberant activity and inadequate sleep.

The Washington Lack of Sufficient Sleep™ Principle

Based on 30 years of patient care and research, Dr. Washington derived a theory of illness, IaA/S, which states that our potential for Illness is proportional to Activity and inversely proportional to Sleep. He also discovered that illness usually strikes when activity slows down. He explains how engineers in Silicon Valley inspired these theories.

Am I Getting Enough Sleep?

Dr. Washington shares tips from his Washington LOSS™ principles and formula to help people determine if they are getting adequate amounts of rejuvenating sleep.

Night Owls, Delayed Sleep Phase Insomnia and the “Second Wind”

Some people do their best work at night. Others wake early and have trouble falling asleep, or find they are most creative and task-driven when they get a "second wind." Dr. Washington discusses how these patterns of having their “me-time” lead to disease

Are You an Energy Borrower?

Dr. Washington explains how people unknowingly initiate the cycle of illness when they accelerate activities without rejuvenating their energy through proper sleep.

Relieving Symptoms of PMS

Dr. Washington has found that women who don’t “energy borrow” from their sleep don’t suffer from PMS. He explains how he has helped patients experience fewer symptoms of PMS and PMDD.

The “Sleep Whisperer”

Through his nonprofit organization, Live to Sleep Well Foundation, Dr. Washington is teaching people how to have a better relationship with sleep to become masters of our own health, wellness and even euphoria. He shares the foundation’s work.

“Chronic” Illness: The Hidden Culprit

People suffering from chronic illness often have problems sleeping but they may not know that lack of sleep can be a root cause. Dr. Washington shares case studies of how Sleep LOSS™ has precipitated flares of chronic illness.

Retirement Age, Longevity and “Blue Death”

Do some firefighters and law officers really tend to die soon after retiring from high stress careers? Is there a connection between retirement age and longevity? Dr. Washington delves into the science behind these questions.

Igniting a Sleep Revolution

Is it really possible to get enough sleep in our hyper-connected, driven society? The answer is yes, once we understand the critical role sleep plays in our health. Dr. Washington discusses how he is spreading the word to help do this.

Maverick for Health

Early in his career Dr. Washington decided to buck the trend of doctors going into medicine with an eye on the money, opting instead for putting himself in a constant stream of fresh insights on health and wellness that comes with a family practice. He shares how he became passionately convinced that quality sleep is the root cause of illness so often overlooked by mainstream medicine.
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